Interview with Edouard Brault

1. How do you work with clients to help them achieve their goals?

My goal is to help each person with whom I work create an amazing life!

For thousands of years, our means for personal development have barely evolved. Then there was the revolution of psychology, then coaching. Today thanks to the discovery of new techniques, the sky is our limit!

Mankind’s evolution is passing a threshold. We are discovering innovative ways to considerably and quickly strengthen our qualities, to free our horizon of blocks and addictions. It is fascinating. The acceleration we are experiencing in our knowledge of success and happiness is comparable to the acceleration of technologies in the 90s. It is going to change the world and it is just the beginning!

In terms of personal realization, a few months are enough to help you realize a quantum leap. And you can create the life of your dreams in a few years time.

Can you imagine? Whatever the level of expertise, efficiency or well being you have reached, you can always go higher. The truth is whoever you are, a billionaire, a celebrity, a successful business owner, even a very happy person, you can discover new amazing pleasures, enjoyments, ways to thrive, shine, give and receive.

I love success, and success is so much better when it comes with balance! I have worked with high achievers in business and with sports giants like tennis champion Novak Djokovic. Novak is an incredible man. I met him in June 2012 and he hired me right after  the London Olympic games. He became world #1 three months later and won 56 matches in a row. One thing I really love about him is that he managed to be at the top of the world while preserving his balance and harmony. I deeply admire that in him.

Many people in the United States and in the world endeavor at getting more success and money. I hear so many coaches mention the 7 figures revenues money goal. It is exciting of course, but it can also prove destructive for many. If you are too obsessed with these things you can actually miss a lot of beautiful aspects of life on the way. It can alter your well being and health. In fact, obsession impoverishes us, because it blinds us.

To give you an example, before I became an energy coach, during the 15 years of my finance career, I have worked with a lot of billionaires and CEOs of major corporations. I could not help but be  impressed only with those who seemed happy and had a generous personality. Our world needs true leaders who bring a generous vision. Top managers who take into consideration other parameters than the pursuit of just money and profit can actually create much greater efficiency: motivation and dedication of their employees, a much better quality of service or production, the building of an admired brand, etc. So money is good, but it is only one part of the equation.

When I start to take care of top managers, sport champions or artists the idea to help them achieve higher success while strengthening what will make them feel amazing over the long run.

In order to do that we start by building together the list of their objectives. They start with one or two main challenges. I also help them define other life goals. I have been working with highly talented people for seven years now. I see what can make them happier and how they can seize new victories. A lot of people come to me by word of mouth to succeed in a major contest, like runner Chris Brown who then won the first Olympic gold medal of the history of the Bahamas, or strings quartet Arod, that won ARD classic music contest in Munich in 2016 (ARD is the most prestigious contest in the world for strings quartets).

First conversations with the clients show me what they really need. I have this mindset of « the sky’s the limit » and I often  suggest goals that make them dream.

We also take care of their preoccupations, blocks and limits. I have developed over the years an aray of techniques that can troubleshoot them very effectively!

I want the persons that I accompany to learn a lot of things: especially new techniques that they can use for all their life. I teach them my best procedures to manifest the kind of reality that they want.

For some reasons I have never read a book of coaching. My teachers are essentially the masters of wisdom from the past and present. Take Lao Tse or Osho for instance, their understanding of the human being is so deep and efficient! Their knowledge is really universal and can be applied to a human being as well as to an organization.

During the sessions, we also focus on developing my clients’ clarity of vision, intuition, creative skills, natural authority, capability to protect themselves, ability to love themselves and others, their personal radiance. Programs of work are very rich and always adapted to the person. Each coaching programs is absolutely unique.

Once established the duration of the work and the amounts of sessions that they need, the fun and thrill can start! Throughout the months of our joint collaboration, clients observe and measure the results. If they want more, they sometimes decide to start another program, with totally new objectives.

Clients measure the progress of our work and objectives through time. I share with them my business secrets as I have been working with some of very effective people in banking and analysts. Also I teach them my secrets to improve their energy and results in life. When clients are satsified they pay me a bonus that is correlated to their results.

My collaboration with French actor Jose Garcia was very interesting. Jose is a huge comedian in France. He is extremely funny and is a wonderful human being. He was the first to describe how great it made him feel in his daily life after our first program of work in 2011. Then he decided to make another one a few months later. He made a five minutes video testimonial to say how great he was feeling. Later in 2014 he confessed to me that following our work, he had become #1 actor at the French box office for two consecutive years (France movie market is world’s 4th with 1.7Bn$ gross revenues).

2. Who are some of your clients that you are able to mention and how did you help them?

Since I began my practice in 2011 I have been lucky to work with a lot of amazing people.

For instance Kylie Minogue with whom I made two working programs. One of our goals was to help her have all the energy that she needed in order to manage her very dynamic life: huge concerts in many different cities, long distance travels, rehearsals, a rich social and personal life, business meetings, all that while preserving her balance. I promised her that our work would help her get rid of long term fatigues and that it would be beneficial for the radiance of her amazing beauty. She told me years later that she received a lot of compliments in that respect... Kylie is one of the sweetest artists that I have worked with. She is simple and very kind. That’s rare.

My work with the international opera and symphonic conductor Marc Minkowski has also to do with the management of a very intense and demanding professional life. He conducts amazing music, and he is also the general manager of National Opera of Bordeaux in France which involves more than 300 employees and talents, with a 30 million euros budget. The interesting thing about Kylie and Marc is that in the top of being great artists, they are highly successful managers. Meeting them has been a real gift in my life.

One the most interesting works I have undertaken recently was with French tourism CEO Alain de Mendonça. Alain studied at Harvard and created his company with a partner, two computers and 30,000 dollars in 2000. His group now comprises 16 companies with total revenues of nearly 800 million dollars, which is big for a recently created group in France. Alain is very close to his teams and very direct and precise in his management style. He is curious and keen on developing his skills for the benefit of his companies. We have worked on highly diverse topics: maybe the most interesting one was about the flow.

I love to bring high level athletes and top managers to the flow.  Flow is the state in which you can win gold medals while having a great time! When you reach the flow, you feel centered, calm, confident and you really enjoy what you do. This is why you can deliver and attract the best. No stressful or exhausting processes there! You can be a demanding high achiever and face many challenges a day, if you learn to be in flow you can achieve more, often in a better way, with less time and energy. It is fascinating.

My work allows me to make constant research on our ability to increase and improve our general level of energy. We need energy for everything we do! Our world requires oil, gas, water, wind, solar energy to function. In the exact similar way, human beings need energy to undertake their activities. If you have more energy resources, then a lot of things become simpler.

My specialty is to help people develop their energy resources and to show them the amazing things they can achieve with this energy. This particular part of my work has highly interested some of the billionaires and Hollywood celebrities I have worked with, because they are fascinated by man’s new frontiers, especially by our ability to increase our natural power, intelligence, radiance and overall wellness.

I believe that energy coaching is bringing a major innovation to our understanding of ourselves: we now have access to faster and simpler ways to success, abundance and blossoming. If you have more energy, you can do more, with less effort.

3 . What should Forbes readers be looking for when finding a coach?

First you should look for someone who you really feel inspired by. Reputation is not enough. Look at their website, at their videos, social media and see if you would really like to let this person help you with your goals. Working with a coach is a highly intimate process.

You should also see if this person can really help you make a quantum leap. Life is too short! Chose someone experienced in your fields of interest. Use this common work to create little by little amazing abilities, among which the one to be truly happy! A talented coach, for that, is priceless.

Finally you should decide if the coach is genuine about his or her advice and applies them in his or her own life. If that is the case, it should show! Sincerity is key. Your should have a great, inspiring life!

4. What common traits do you see in your most consistently successful clients?

Well it depends because there are so many ways to succeed. For thousands of years we have been living in civilizations that were ruled by what we could define as “survival of the fittest” and “the end justifies the means”. Success until recently very often implied that you could be led to harm a lot of people and things on your way. This has led our world to a lot of suffering and to huge inequalities. The truth today is that the resources of our planet are not enough if we behave in a selfish and reckless way. We need to change our behaviors.

I believe we are entering a new era in which success will be very different: more balanced, more generous, more human. I deeply admire business, artistic or sports leaders who manage to remain human while thriving. In fact we need more and more of these innovative business owners like Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Elon Musk and so many others.

When I find myself with such innovators we both experience something quite unique, for three reasons. Because I love to show them that they can find even greater pleasure and fun than they already have in their life. Also because we endeavour at finding new strategies that will enrich their business as well as their positive impact on the world. Finally because working with them is such a gift to me that inspiration for our work becomes often quite extraordinary. I am the kind of guy who always believes in excellence, because it is part of the human nature! Having the possibility to study with the most talented people the ways to reach and develop excellence has been a real blessing for me over the last seven years.


5. What learnings can you provide to Forbes readers that can’t work with you directly but would like some basic advice for how to be successful?

First, know yourself! Many masters of wisdom through the ages have considered this exercice as key if you want to really develop yourself. It’s like real estate. When you know yourself well, you can build upon solid foundations, and build high and in a lasting way! Are you ready?

Here is the exercise: make the list of your qualities and defects on the right and left of a document. You will see that you only can think of a few of them in the first minutes. It means you do not really know yourself. Repeat the exercice every day during two weeks. Add each time six or seven qualities that come to your mind. The ideal is to do it in a fun way and to not involve any pride nor judgement. It is a technical exercise. Some people manage to fill up pages! This procedure that takes three or four minutes a day will lead you to knowing who you are. You can hence outline the strengths you can build upon and the weakness you need to reduce. This list is also a potent tool to learn to accept yourself as you are and to love yourself. Loving yourself is the cornerstone of happiness. When you love yourself, you naturally love others and our world more. And success when it comes is more lasting.

Here is another tip: wake up every morning deciding and declaring that you attract the best in every field of life! Do it every day for the next six months! If you like it, continue all your life. This alone can change your existence! We are not here to have an average life. If you believe yours could be more exciting, or if you believe you can make truly great, this tip is for you. But beware: persistence is key. Do it everyday and don’t stop.

You are the captain in your own ship. The ship goes where the captain wants. A modern ship by the way does not stop in the middle of the sea. If you decide every morning that you attract the best, guess what is going to happen? Now let’s define the best: the best and most adapted people, love partner, friends, relationships, situations, clients, colleagues, opportunities, ideas and experiences for you! You have no idea the fruits you may reap with this exercise. You may actually become with time the person you always dreamed to be.

A third advice would be to make the written description of how you want your life to be. Let your imagination go wild. Make a detailed description of what you want for your love, social, work, financial and leisure life as well as for your health and what we could call your spiritual aspirations. State and declare that this is the life you want! It is not a wish list, it is a decision! Who can go against the captain’s decisions? Buddha two thousand years ago discovered that each person’s life was the result of his past thoughts and emotions. Believe in what you have written and decided. Adapt little by little your life so that you can achieve these objectives. Every day believe in your vision, think and create the means to achieve it. Time, this wonderful but essential illusion, will do the rest.

A few more tips. When doing this procedure, write goals that are achievable given your current situation. Yet also see big! Most people do not see big and beautiful for themselves. They do not really want to progress.

Life is a constant progress! Look at the trees. Do they stop to grow  someday because they decide that they know enough? A lot of very rich or less rich people that I have met experience a life they find boring and filled with disappointments. To them I say: discover the world, find your new frontier, develop your knowledge, get out of boredom, because this is not you! You are a wonderful and limitless being who needs to break away from your personal jail and limits.

Life is amazing. We are currently discovering thanks to many searchers many ways to make it more colorful, fun, exciting, generous. True generosity of course is key to a happy success. I am not talking only about the generosity we find in charities, which is beautiful and very useful, but of the one that will guide you to help and support directly the people around you and shine constantly. To live a great life and be generous is how we are going to make our world a much better place.

I believe we have all have a personal legend that we can develop. Each of us is a piece of this magnificent puzzle called mankind. To find which part of the puzzle you are, you should first know yourself. Then describe the beautiful things you want to achieve for yourself and others. And then wake up every morning with a smile, believing you attract the best!

Miguel Forbes