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Publishing career

Forbes formerly served as President of Worldwide Development at Forbes, Inc. Prior to that, he was President of Forbes Television & Licensing. In these executive roles, Forbes was focused on expanding the Forbes brands worldwide through new strategic business opportunities. Forbes worked to identify potential business partners that align with the Forbes brand and also to ensure the ongoing success of these partnerships by ensuring the necessary resources were available for each.

While at Forbes media, Forbes was appointed Forbes Vice President of Business Development in 2000 and launched nine foreign editions of Forbes in Korea, Russia, China, Arabia, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Romania, and Croatia. More recent Forbes editions spearheaded by Forbes include Argentina, Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, French Africa, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and a limited edition in Greece.

During his tenure at Forbes Media, Forbes was focused on expanding his company’s brand throughout Europe. In March 2013, Forbes was instrumental in launching a Spanish-language version of Forbes in Spain, the first local edition of Forbes in Western Europe. According to Forbes, the strategy was to launch in a market in the process of recovery. In July 2013, Forbes announced that Forbes' latest local language edition, Forbes Hungary, would launch in late 2013. This launch continues Forbes’s expansion of his company’s brand in Eastern Europe.

Additional international editions of Forbes launched in Mexico in November 2012 and Vietnam in July 2013. On the horizon are Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mongolia, and Spain. In all, Forbes is now published in 49 countries and 20 languages. According to Forbes, aggressive growth is expected to continue in the near future.

Forbes’ accomplishments in television include launching “Forbes on Fox,” a critically acclaimed weekly television program on Fox News, in May 2001. He became Executive Producer of Forbes SportsMoney, a series developed in partnership with the YES Network in 2008 that focuses on sports business news and is hosted by Bob Lorenz. The series has won a New York Emmy award for Forbes in the Business/Consumer: Program/Special category for three years in a row, from 2012-2014. Additionally, he initiated a number of Forbes specials produced for E! Entertainment Television that aired in 2007, which ultimately attracted 47 million viewers.

Forbes first joined Forbes in 1996. One of his early contributions was as a co-founder of Forbes.com. He is currently a contributor on the Forbes blog network, writing about foreign markets, leadership, and entrepreneurship. An example is Forbes’ interview with Howard Buffett about his novel approach to philanthropy and future role with Berkshire Hathaway.

During his tenure at Forbes Media, Forbes was also a regular participant in events designed to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas within the global business community, such as the 13th Annual Forbes Global CEO Conference held in Bali in September 2013.

Miguel Forbes Publishing

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